YAMAHA FG Exhibition

The world's largest collection of Yamaha's FG guitars recently went on display in Japan for fans to get hands-on with history! There were over 130 guitars available to play and admire, including some built prior to our Red Label, our very first "Dynamic Guitar," and even some of the latest FG800 models released this year. This collection is actually larger than Yamaha’s!

Tony Kanal / Yamaha Interview

A few weeks ago our friend Tony Kanal reached out to see if we could get some of his Yamaha BB’s studio-ready to start recording with his new project, which features fellow No Doubt members Tom Dumont and Adrian Young as well as A.F.I. singer Davey Havok.

One of the basses we received in our Burbank, CA shop was Tony’s original BB1600 that he purchased sometime around 1987 while he was still attending Anaheim High School. Out of curiosity we looked up the serial number for that bass and discovered that its birthday was March 1985 and was about to turn 31!